4 New International Brands Planning To Launch Their Cars in India

The Indian economy has some major impact on the world. Now major companies and MNCs are planning to enter into the Indian market. The current government has also made favorable environment through different plans. 



There has been a time when Indians were loving driving simple made cars generally referred as family cars on the Indian roads. Since decades, owning a car reflects wealth and prosperity in India.

There was time when Indians changed their taste and preferences. This led some luxurious cars to enter into the Indian market. And they have been very successful as well. 

Indian being a big emerging market, many MNCs are now trying to enter into the Indian market in the coming years. We will be mentioning Top 4 new International Brands Who are Planning To Launch Their Cars In India. 

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The American electric car manufacturing company Tesla is planning to launch its Sedan Mode 3 for Indian market. As per the reports, this could be the cheapest model from Tesla group. The expected price in India is between 40 to 50 lakhs Indian Rupees. 

Citroen is among the famous brands of PSA Group of France. As per the reports, the company will be in association with CK Birla Group for entering into the Indian market, and the company might will have its manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. The expected price in India is to be around 30 Lakhs Indian Rupees

Great Wall Motors is China’s largest SUV manufacturer which sells SUVs under the HAVAL nameplate. This China based car manufacturing company has recently hired Mr. Kaushik Ganguly, a Maruti Suzuki Employee to take its lead in India. It will enter India in 2021 most probably. 

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Another name in Chinese automobile industry, Haima Automobile Co.Ltd is planning to enter into the Indian market. It has already introduced 3 models Haima 7X, Haima 8S, and Bird E1 in the motor show 2020. The Expected price of the model Bird E1 is around 10 lakhs Indian Rupees.