What is the best Business to start in India after lock down?

Well ! This is something that almost every one who wants to start business, is willing to know.

we got the right answer for you.

Owing your own Chaai Seth Café  can be a profitable business as the café industry has emerged as one of the high-growth and high-profit sectors in India.



From being a boss to making a profit on a good margin, there are many benefits to starting a food business, especially by opening a Chaai Seth café. Despite having a wonderful business opportunity, opening a café is not a five-finger exercise. You may have to struggle a lot, especially if you do not have previous industry experience. You may find it difficult to buy a solid business plan, an effective marketing strategy, a capable team, real-time guidance, and materials, business and equipment.



But with a franchise of Chaai Seth, you can skip the early stages of the hassle and quickly gain success in the business. This is why; buying a Chaai Seth franchise can be a smart decision and a quick way to set up your own café without struggling and starting from scratch.



There are many benefits of owing a Chaai Seth franchising and here are some listed below:-


  1. Low Risk Of Business Failure- Owing a Chaai Seth franchise is a wise direction as it provides a lower risk of business failure. The risk of business failure is reduced a you are buying established business ideas and concepts that have been tested, proven and verified. Our statistics show that Chaai Seth franchisee has a much better chance of success than establishing an independent business because independent business has a chance of 70-80 percent of not surviving in the first few critical years while our franchisee has a chance of 80 percent of surviving in the initial stages.
  1. Recognized Brand Name- Chaai Seth is an established reputed name in the café industry and you will get the benefit of our recognized brand name. Brand power is a big reason in the success of any business. Chaai setth team does continuous marketing, advertising, and promotions to increase our brand power and visibility. You can reap the benefits of our promotions and marketing without any extra cost.
  1. An Established Business Model- Undoubtedly, you will gain the benefits of our Chaai Seth brand if you buy your franchise but you will also get an established business model where you have an opportunity to make money with good profit margins. Also, you don’t need to make any efforts for the execution of raw materials as Chaai Seth has already established good relationships with the suppliers and dealers.
  1. Guidance, Training And Support- The biggest advantage of buying the Chaai Seth franchisee is the training and support factor. You will be timely provided with the training sessions and amazing supports along with live guidance for business growth and smooth operation of the café shop. Chaai Seth Provides end-to-end franchise support from opening the café, site selection guidance, interior and furniture design support to the manpower recruitment, inventory management and training for all.
  1. No Need Of Prior Experience- There is no need of any prior experience because the Chaai Seth brand provides the basic needs to run the café shop. They will help their partners as much as they can in every way possible.