How to publish poetry online?

If you are looking on how to publish poetry online, we got it this for you. We are going to cover the following topics: how to publish poetry online? How to publish poetry book, How to publish a poetry book, Where to publish a poetry book, and we will be covering a step to step guide on how to publish poetry online.


Poetry is something that many of us love to write. But sometimes we feel like posting our poetry online to reach to a broader audience to have some fan following.


Step 1. Your Niche for the poetry-

When you are ready to publish poetry online you must have a proper niche. Meaning, what will be the theme of your poetry. You need to decide the type of the poetry. Whether it is a romantic poetry, sad or breakup poetry, lowliness poetry, family poetry, love poetry, or poetry about friends, shayari, urdu shayari, hindi shayari. There can be many topics.


Step 2. Getting a perfect time-

Writing and publishing poetry online needs a proper style, hence you need to have a proper mood of writing.  Meaning, choose your best time to write. Many love to write poetry when it is raining, many loves to write poetry before going to sleep, many writes poetry in the early morning. You need to find a comfortable time , situation and mood while writing and publishing poetry online.


Step 3. The collection for your online poetry-

By this, we mean to have collection of atleast 10-12 well written poetry.


Step 4. The Body and contents of the poetry-

Remember, poetry is all about emotions that you have in your mind. Try to write the feeling you have in your heart and mind. Take your time, it normally takes 5-10 minutes for me to start and to choose a style.


Step 5: How to publish your poetry online-

Once you are done with good collection of poetry, go to Amazon. Create account on Amazon Kindle Writing. Here you can easily publish your poetry online and earn good amount of money and fame as well.  If you want to have your own identity in terms of a blog or a page or a website, then follow the next step.


Step 6. Create your own website, or blog to publish your poetry online-

Go to, and choose a name for your page. It is a best free way to publish your poetry online. If you have a budget of around Rs. 2000 or US$30, you can buy a domain, a hosting and can make your own website to publish your poetry online.

I hope you like this article on how to publish your poetry online. If you still have any doubts or queries on publish your poetry book or how to publish your poetry online, feel free to comment down below.


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