Top 10 Most Valuable Luxurious Brands In The World that you should know

The concept of ‘recall value’ and ‘branding’ has played vital role in determining the market position of the brands. 

Fashion and Lifestyle industry has a tough competition against each other to be on the top most position. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Valuable Luxurious fashion and lifestyle brands with the country of origin.

10.Rolex– Switzerland -$8,047 Million

rolex logo



9. Gucci– Italy- $10,192 Million

gucci logo



8. Hermes-France- $10,920 Million




7. Uniqlo-Japan- $11,991 Million

uniqlo logo



6.Louis Vuitton– France- $13,576 Million

Louis Vuitton




5. Cartier- France- $13,642 Million

Cartier logo




4.H&M –Sweden- $15,876 Million

H&M logo



3.Adidas – Germany-$16,669 Million

adidas logo




2.Zara– Spain- $18,424 Million

zara logo




1.Nike– United States- $32,421 Million

nike logo

**The brand logos mentioned in the articles are the intellectual property of the respective brands. The logos are mentioned are meant to provide clear indication about the brands, and are of educational purpose**




Which one is your favorite brand out of these?

1500 Crores for Shishu Mudra Loan. What is this Loan all about Who Can Take Advantage Of This Scheme

Finance Minister N. Sitaraman announced 1500 Crores for Shishu Mudra loan.


Central Finance Minister once again announced financial package for the Migrant labors, Street Vendors, Small scale Farmers and urban poor.


The Finance Minister announced about the Shishu Mudra Scheme, under which the loan borrowers will get 2% off in the interest for the next 12 months. This will result in saving 1500 crores saving, and government will pay the amount. 

shishu mudra loan all that you should know

Who is eligible for Shishu Mudra Sheme loan-

Through this scheme, the government seeks to help the small scale businesses, and this loan is only for small scale businesses.


Through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana  (PMMY) the government is giving loan in three steps. The government has divided this into- Shishu loan, Kishor loan and Tarun loan.

This is Shishu Loan Yojna –

Through this scheme, one can get loan to open a shop. And can get loan upto 50,000. He can earn from this. 

 This is Kishor Loan Yojna- 

Through Kishor Loan Yojna one can get loan from Rs. 50,000 till 5 Lakhs.

This is Tarun Loan Yojna-

If someone is willing to start small scale business, he can apply for this financial help.

Through Tarun Loan Yojna the central government will give loan of Rs.5 Lakhs upto 10 Lakhs. 

Through this scheme, one can get loan from any Gramin banks, Government banks, Co-Operative banks and Private banks based on the eligibility criteria. 

Conclusion: The Central government has announced various financial schemes for the MSMEs. Shishu Mudra loan is one of them. we have mentioned the available information. 


As per the reports, all the government banks, gramin banks, co-operative banks and all private banks can give loans based on the various eligibility. 


But one thing that is common is that these loans are provided to those businesses who are MSME registered and hold MSME Certificate. If you do not have the MSME certificate yet, you can contact us. The MSME registration is FREE, NO GOVERNMENT IS THERE. If you want help from us to apply, we charge a nominal professional fee for the same. 

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Aarogya Setu App Now Available for Jio Featured Phone Aarogya Setu App Sets New Record Probably You Do Not Know

The app is now available for Jio phone users as well.

You must have the Aarogya Setu App in your phone, if not, then you must have heard of this!


Let us share you some interesting facts about the app.

Aarogya-Setu-app launched for jio phone sets records you do not know

Developed by National Informatics Centre. The app was released in April 2020 and is available in 12 different languages.


The main objective was to spread awareness of COVID-19 and to connect essential COVID-19 – related health services to the people of India.


It basically uses Bluetooth and GPS feature of the smartphone to track the coronavirus infections based on the data provided and available in the particular location. 

 Facts About Aarogya Setu App


Launched in April 2020, Since during the time of Launch, the app has been downloaded massively.

It became the world’s fastest-growing mobile app beating Pokemon Go, with more than 50 million installs, 13 days after launching in India on 2 April 2020.


Now, With 90M+ downloads, the app has made the 7th most downloaded app of the world !


The huge Indian population and, of-course the requests made by the Prime Minister Modi ji has played vital role in getting the world record !  

The app is now available for Jio phone users as well.


If you do not have the Aarogya Setu App installed in your phone, get it installed Free from the official Government of India website:

How Much Does Ludo King Earn During Lockdown- Revenue Model of Ludo King

Ludo King is probably one of the games; you must have played during the lockdown period. If not played, then you must have heard of it from family or friends.

But how much do you know about this online ludo game- “Ludo king”?

Let’s put some facts and figures about this game.  

ludo king game revenue generated during lockdown, ludoking, ludo king download

Ludo King is a free to play mobile game application released on February 20, 2016 on the Apple App Store, and is ranked No 1 in the Top Free Games Section.


Developed by Indian studio Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. The online game developer company is owned by Vikash Jaiswal, an Entrepreneur from Patna.

Vikash Jaiswal received the Mobile & Tablet Game: Arcade/ Casual (International) in Gaming for Ludo King at the 19th FICCI FRAMES  Best Animated Frames (BAF) Awards.


Mr. Vikash Jaiswal has been recognized as “Icons of Navi Mumbai” by the Economic Times group. 

The Massive Traffic and Growth

Ludo king has gained mass popularity since from the time of launching; as Ludo is not a new game, and do not require much marketing!


The massive traffic flow started during the lockdown when whole world is quarantined. People gets bore easily and Ludo King gets a massive flow of traffic.

Since Ludo is a family game, and when it came over online platform, people love to download ludo game and play the game online with friends and family.



Some features like “Playing ludo game online with strangers”, “the option of adding as Buddy” , the option of “Create playroom with friends” makes the game more interesting. 

revenue model picture , revenue model of ludo king

The Revenue Model of Ludo King

The major revenue model of this game is the Advertisement that you see on your screen. Whenever you click these advertisements, the game developer earns a good amount.



Remember; even to get an extra reward, the game asks you to play the whole advertisement video, this is again a part of the same revenue model.

The second model is the Coins and Diamond selling. You must have faced the issue of getting your coins or diamond getting over. And you have an option to buy more coins and diamonds with a nominal amount of money. This is the second revenue model how Ludo kings earns money.



Ludo King made a revenue of around Rs. 2 Crores in the month of March 2020.

Talking about the user base, around 60% of its users are from India and rest is mainly from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. And if you have a good luck, you might get some players from UK like I got recently : )

Highest Private Coronavirus Donation

Highest Private Coronavirus Donation
Highest Private Coronavirus Donation
Highest Private Coronavirus Donation

Corona virus or Covid-19 has slow down the whole world economy.

Government body at its all level is continually working to defeat the pandemic disease. Many organizations have come forward to contribute to hold the economy and to research about on the vaccine.

Here we present to you the list of Highest Private Coronavirus donations.

#10. Lynn & Stacy SchustermannLynn Schusterman is an American billionaire philanthropist. She is the co-founder and chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. She has donated $70 Million. (around 5,279,925,000 in Indian Rupees)

#9. Michael Bloomberg- Michael Rubens Bloomberg is an American politician, businessman, philanthropist, and author. He is the majority owner and co-founder of Bloomberg L.P. He has donated $74.5 Million  .( around 5,625,048,000 in Indian Rupees)

#8. Michael Dell- Michael Saul Dell is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies. He has donated $100 Million. (around 7,550,400,000 in Indian Rupees)

#7. Jeff Bezos- Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American industrialist, media proprietor, investor and ofcourse the CEO of Inc. He has donated $100 Million (Around 7,550,400,000 in Indian Rupees)

#6. Jeff Skoll- Jeffrey Stuart Skoll, OC is a Canadian engineer, internet entrepreneur and film producer. He was the first employee and subsequently first president of eBay. He has donated $100 Million (Around 7,550,400,000 in Indian Rupees)

#5. Andrew Forrest– He is an Australian businessman. He is best known as the former CEO of Fortescue Metals Group. He has donated $100 Million (Around 7,550,400,000 in Indian Rupees)

#4. George Soros-  Hon FBA is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist. He has donated $130 Million. (Around 9,815,520,000 in Indian Rupees)

#3. Azim Premji– Azim Hashim Premji is an Indian business tycoon, investor, engineer, and philanthropist, who is the chairman of Wipro Limited. He has donated $132 Million (Around 9,966,528,000 in Indian Rupees).

#2. Bill & Melinda Gates– The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, previously the William H. Gates Foundation, is an American private foundation founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. They have donated $ 19,253,520,000 in Indian Rupees).

#1. Jack Dorsey– Jack Patrick Dorsey is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company. He has donated $1,000 Million ( Around 75,504,000,000 in Indian Rupees). 

**The Currency conversion is as per the currency exchange rate dated 10th May 2020**

Top Hottest Startups in Canada

 Like many other countries, Canada has also focused on the startup culture. We present to you the top 25 hottest  startups in Canada .

top canadian startups 2018 startups in canada hiring number of startups in canada linkedin top startups canada toronto startups startup companies tech startups new companies in canada

As per LinkedIn , the analyst evaluated four elements for a startup to name it as a successful startup employer: Employee growth, Job seeker interest, Member engagement with the company and its employees, and how  well the startup pulled the talent.


Here is the list of 25 hottest startups in Canada in 2020


Element AI  –

Elelemt is Articifial Intelligence software company founded  by Jean-François Gagné and co-founders Yoshua Benjio, Anne Martel, Nicolas Chapados, and Philippe Beaudoin, along with Jean-Sébastien Cournoyer of Montreal venture capital fund Real Ventures in October 2016.



Wealthsimple is Canadian online investment management service focused on millennials. The firm was founded in September 2014 by Michael Katchen and is based in Toronto.

Clearbanc –  

Founded in 2015. Clearbanc offers equity-free investments in companies. Its CEO is Andrew D’Souza. 

Cannabis Compliance Inc-

Founded in 2017, it operates as a cannabis consulting firm. The Company offers risk mitigation, due diligence, and regulatory compliance services.


Founded in 2014, League’s platform connects healthcare providers, employers, and consumers to provide a comprehensive digital health benefits experience.


Founded in 2015, Drop is the free app that rewards for shopping at various  brands



Connected is a software product development firm that partners with the world’s leading brands. It was founded in 2014.

Dialouge health care 

Dialogue provides progressive, premium and affordable healthcare, accessible on mobile and online, for Canadian was founded in 2016. 

Founded in 2015, is a customer intelligence platform powered by AI that helps consumer businesses make precise predictions about customer needs. – 

Ritual is a social ordering app that taps networks of co-workers and colleagues for fast and easy pick up and pay at a wide variety of local restaurants and coffee  shops.  It was founded in 2014.

Mejuri – 

Mejuri is a direct to consumer fine jewelry brand that introduces handcrafted and other luxurious apparels. It was founded in 2012.


Founded in 2014, Ada is AI Chatbot Software that exceeds customer expectations. It also provides Automated customer chat platform. 

Path factory- 

With its AI, PathFactory removes friction from the buying journey with bingeable content journeys that allow leads to self-educate.It was founded in 2012.


Founded in 2012, Opencare is a web-based platform that helps patients find an incredible new dentist in their area.


Flybits is a digital experience platform that offers device management, real-time mobile analytics and cloud synchronization solutions to businesses. It was founded in 2013. 

Certarus0 – 

Founded in 2012, Certarus provides compressed natural gas delivery and mobile CNG distribution from sourcing and compression to on-site delivery and decompression

StackAdapt –

Launched in 2013, StackAdapt is a native advertising engine that helps brands deliver quality mobile video content directly to target markets.


Founded in 2014, Loopio is a proposal and knowledge management software service that simplifies the process of responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Information (RFIs), as well as Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) and Security Questionnaires.

Collective Arts brewing- 

Founded in 2013, Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots craft brewery that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians.


Ample Organics- 

Founded in 2014, Ample Organics is an information technology company that offers enterprise seed-to-sale inventory software for the cannabis industry.

Swift Medical- 

Founded in 2015, Swift Medical is the leader in Wound Care Management Technology for the healthcare enterprise. It also produces various medical equipment.. 

Borrowell – 

Founded in 2014, a financial technology company that helps Canadians make great decisions about credit.


Greenhouse is a healthy beverage company. Headquartered in Toronto, With a mission to offer widespread, sustainable access to plant-based nutrition and wellness of the highest quality. It was founded in 2014.

#Paid –

#Paid Is a influencer marketing platform. It was founded in 2013


Founded in 2012, Venngage is an easy to use website where the most design-inept can create stylish content for websites, presentations, ads, and social media use.

10 Startups who raised Funds despite Coronavirus lockdown in April

When the whole is suffering from pandemic Covid19 disease, some startups and Unicorns in India are continuously raising funds and are developing their respective business models. 

If you also own a startup, or if you want to know How to get funding, Do check our previous article here.

startup news startup funding startup funding india series b funding india crunchbase venture capital news startup news india seed funding

Rebel Food- 

The Leading Cloud Kitchen startup Rebel has multiple brands like Faasos, Behroz Biriyani has raised $50 Million  from US hedge fund Coatue  Management.

Big Basket- 

Online Grocery Delivery App Big Basket has raised $50 Million in debt funding from Alibaba, while also raising $60 million as a bridge round from Alibaba, South Korea’s Mirae Asset and UK- development finance institution CDC Group. 

Daily hunt- 

The News aggregator app Daily hunt has raised funding of $59.6 Million.


The beer startup raised $20 million from Sequoia and Belgium based investment firm Sofina.


Online tutoring platform Vedantu raised $20 Million in two tranches.


JusPay is one of the leading payment gateway startup  JusPay raised $21.6 million in April.


Real Estate Aggregator raised $30 million in its ongoing series D round from General Atlantic. 


Logistic SAAS Platform FarEye raised $25 million in a round that was led by Microsoft.


FoodTech Unicorn Swiggy raised $43 Million in its latest series I round


Genetics research company MedGenome raised $55 million.

Rahul jaimini the co-founder who founded Swiggy along with Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy in 2014, has finally quit Swiggy

Swiggy news, swiggy co founder quits swiggy

Recently, In April, Swiggy raised about $150 Million led by Naspers along with smaller investors Ark Impact, Samsung ventures, Korea investment, and Mirae Asset Capital Markets. 

Rahul will be joining Pesto Tech, a career accelerator startup as co-founder.

Rahul Jaimini used to handle the Engineering, Analytics, IT, and Swiggy labs. Now these all platforms will be handled by Dale Vaz. He is the head of Engineering and data science.

Now Jaimini will continue to be a board member and a shareholder at the company, but no longer be involved in daily operations of Swiggy.

swiggy co founder left swiggy

Rahul tweeted “ This is not a goodbye, its more of a thank you. After being a part of the Swiggy founding team and the close family we’ve all become over these past 6 years, it’s time for me to take up a new challenge” 

4 New International Brands Planning To Launch Their Cars in India

The Indian economy has some major impact on the world. Now major companies and MNCs are planning to enter into the Indian market. The current government has also made favorable environment through different plans. 



There has been a time when Indians were loving driving simple made cars generally referred as family cars on the Indian roads. Since decades, owning a car reflects wealth and prosperity in India.

There was time when Indians changed their taste and preferences. This led some luxurious cars to enter into the Indian market. And they have been very successful as well. 

Indian being a big emerging market, many MNCs are now trying to enter into the Indian market in the coming years. We will be mentioning Top 4 new International Brands Who are Planning To Launch Their Cars In India. 

new car company launch in india
new cars 2019 india
new car launch in india 2019
top car brands in india
car brands in india with logo
new car company in india 2020
car price in india
latest cars in india

The American electric car manufacturing company Tesla is planning to launch its Sedan Mode 3 for Indian market. As per the reports, this could be the cheapest model from Tesla group. The expected price in India is between 40 to 50 lakhs Indian Rupees. 

Citroen is among the famous brands of PSA Group of France. As per the reports, the company will be in association with CK Birla Group for entering into the Indian market, and the company might will have its manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. The expected price in India is to be around 30 Lakhs Indian Rupees

Great Wall Motors is China’s largest SUV manufacturer which sells SUVs under the HAVAL nameplate. This China based car manufacturing company has recently hired Mr. Kaushik Ganguly, a Maruti Suzuki Employee to take its lead in India. It will enter India in 2021 most probably. 

FAW Haima in india, top cars to enter into the indian market, car company to enter in india, top 4 car brands to enter in india

Another name in Chinese automobile industry, Haima Automobile Co.Ltd is planning to enter into the Indian market. It has already introduced 3 models Haima 7X, Haima 8S, and Bird E1 in the motor show 2020. The Expected price of the model Bird E1 is around 10 lakhs Indian Rupees.