Top 10 Most Valuable Luxurious Brands In The World that you should know

The concept of ‘recall value’ and ‘branding’ has played vital role in determining the market position of the brands. 

Fashion and Lifestyle industry has a tough competition against each other to be on the top most position. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Valuable Luxurious fashion and lifestyle brands with the country of origin.

10.Rolex– Switzerland -$8,047 Million

rolex logo



9. Gucci– Italy- $10,192 Million

gucci logo



8. Hermes-France- $10,920 Million




7. Uniqlo-Japan- $11,991 Million

uniqlo logo



6.Louis Vuitton– France- $13,576 Million

Louis Vuitton




5. Cartier- France- $13,642 Million

Cartier logo




4.H&M –Sweden- $15,876 Million

H&M logo



3.Adidas – Germany-$16,669 Million

adidas logo




2.Zara– Spain- $18,424 Million

zara logo




1.Nike– United States- $32,421 Million

nike logo

**The brand logos mentioned in the articles are the intellectual property of the respective brands. The logos are mentioned are meant to provide clear indication about the brands, and are of educational purpose**




Which one is your favorite brand out of these?