Urban Company: Connecting Services, Empowering Professionals

Urban Company, formerly known as UrbanClap, is an Indian technology company that has revolutionized the way we access local services. Founded in 2014 by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra, Urban Company provides a platform that seamlessly connects customers with trusted professionals across various domains, including beauty, wellness, home repairs, and other essential services.

Founding History and Vision

The inception of Urban Company stemmed from the founders’ personal experiences. Abhiraj, Varun, and Raghav, who had previously worked together at The Boston Consulting Group, encountered the challenges of finding reliable and skilled service providers for their own needs. They recognized the chaos and unreliability that plagued the local services market in India. Their vision was clear: create a streamlined platform that would solve this problem and empower both customers and service professionals.

The Early Days and Business Model

Urban Company started as a marketplace, connecting customers with qualified and trusted professionals. Initially, their business model focused on lead generation. However, the trio soon realized that they could add a whole new dimension to the platform. They adopted a full-stack model, which went beyond mere lead generation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Onboarding Gig Workers: Urban Company concentrates on onboarding gig workers—service professionals—offering them financial assistance, access to necessary tools, training, and products. By empowering these professionals, the company ensures a high-quality service experience for customers.
  2. Concierge to Match-Making Engine: The initial approach involved customers expressing their requirements via chat—a concierge model. However, Urban Company quickly evolved into a match-making engine. This shift allowed for more efficient and precise connections between customers and service providers.
  3. Stringent Onboarding Process: Urban Company maintains a stringent onboarding process for service providers. Verification and quality checks ensure that only reliable professionals become part of the platform.

Expanding Horizons

Urban Company’s success story extends beyond India. It operates in 35 cities across India, the UAE, Singapore, and Australia. With over 40,000 trained and verified service professionals, the company has served more than 5 million customers as of 2021. Its services span over 150 categories, covering everything from beauty treatments to home repairs.

Investors and Growth

Urban Company’s journey has been fueled by substantial funding from investors like Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, and Vy Capital. The company’s revenue witnessed remarkable growth, soaring by over 150% in FY2021 compared to the previous year. Customer satisfaction remains high, with over 95% of customers rating Urban Company’s services as excellent or good.

Awards and Recognition

Urban Company’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. It received the Economic Times’ Most Promising Brand award and was recognized as one of India’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in 2020. Additionally, it secured the LinkedIn Top Startups award.

Urban Company’s journey exemplifies how technology can transform traditional service industries, benefiting both consumers and professionals. As the company continues to expand its footprint, it remains dedicated to its mission: making everyday services hassle-free and reliable for everyone.

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