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Cleatrip, the leading travel ticket booking platform owned by Flipkart, has made a major announcement by roping in the legendary cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its new brand ambassador. The company is set to launch the “ClearChoice” campaign to motivate travelers to make hassle-free decisions and enjoy stress-free travel experiences.

With Dhoni on board, Cleatrip aims to amplify its reach to a wider audience and establish itself as the go-to platform for all travel needs. Known for his calm demeanor and incredible leadership skills, Dhoni perfectly embodies the values of Cleatrip – simplicity, efficiency, and reliability.

The “ClearChoice” campaign will showcase Dhoni’s personal journey and travel stories, highlighting how Cleatrip has simplified his travel planning and made his trips seamless and enjoyable. Through various marketing channels, Cleatrip will promote the idea of making smart choices when it comes to booking flights, hotels, and activities, to ensure a stress-free and fulfilling travel experience.

services for startup

Speaking about the new partnership, Dhoni expressed his excitement in representing Cleatrip and shared his own travel adventures and tips. He emphasized the importance of making informed decisions and choosing the right platform for all travel needs, which aligns perfectly with Cleatrip’s mission.

The CEO of Cleatrip, in a statement, mentioned how Dhoni’s persona resonates with Cleatrip’s commitment to offering a user-friendly and reliable travel booking experience. He highlighted the company’s dedication to simplifying travel planning and ensuring customer satisfaction, with the help of advanced technology and a seamless booking process.

Overall, the collaboration between Cleatrip and Mahendra Singh Dhoni marks a significant milestone in the travel industry, as it aims to inspire travelers to make informed choices, eliminate decision-making anxiety, and have fulfilling travel experiences. With Dhoni’s endorsement, Cleatrip is set to become a household name in travel booking, providing travelers with a one-stop solution for all their needs.

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