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Sachin Bansal, the co-founder of e-commerce giant Flipkart, has been making waves in the Indian startup scene once again with his latest venture, Navi. In a recent interview with Moneycontrol, Bansal revealed that he is completely immersed in his new startup, dedicating a staggering 80-100 hours a week to its growth and success.

According to Bansal, his intense work schedule has ruffled some feathers among his colleagues, with many expressing frustration at his insistence on coming into the office even on weekends. Bansal, however, is undeterred by the criticism, stating that he believes the business environment is too exciting and fast-paced to afford anything less than his full attention.

services for startup

While Bansal admitted that he doesn’t expect his employees to follow suit and work as many hours as he does, he emphasized the importance of dedicating time and effort to the business, especially in its early stages. The success of a startup, according to Bansal, hinges on paying close attention to small details and constantly striving for improvement.

Navi, which was co-founded by Bansal and former Flipkart executive Ankit Agarwal, is focused on providing financial services to underserved and underbanked populations in India. The startup has already made significant strides in the lending space, offering easy access to credit for individuals who may not have traditional banking relationships.

With Bansal at the helm, Navi is poised to become a major player in the Indian fintech industry, leveraging his years of experience at Flipkart to drive growth and innovation. Despite the long hours and demanding schedule, Bansal remains committed to seeing Navi through to success, showcasing his dedication and passion for entrepreneurship.

As Bansal continues to pour his energy into Navi, it’s clear that he is determined to make a lasting impact on the Indian startup ecosystem once again. With his unwavering dedication and relentless work ethic, Bansal is sure to propel Navi to new heights and cement his reputation as a visionary leader in the world of tech startups.

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