Anatomech: Revolutionizing Healthcare Wearables

Anatomech, a Pune-based startup, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its innovative wearable technology. Founded in March 2020 by Divyakshi Kaushik, Anatomech aims to enhance human mobility, especially for those recovering from injuries or surgeries.

The Founder: Divyakshi Kaushik

Divyakshi Kaushik, the driving force behind Anatomech, is a visionary entrepreneur. With a background in biomedical engineering, she recognized the need for wearable solutions that could aid patients during their recovery process. Her passion for creating impactful products led her to establish Anatomech.

The Initial Stages

In January 2021, Anatomech embarked on a groundbreaking project: developing a smart, portable, daily wear compression sleeve. This sleeve allows users to undergo continuous lymphatic drainage for 10-12 hours, all while seamlessly going about their daily routines. By reducing dependence on caregivers, Anatomech empowers individuals to regain control over their lives.

The compression sleeve is discreetly designed to fit within regular garments, avoiding any social stigma. It provides relief to patients suffering from conditions like lymphedema, where proper lymphatic flow is crucial for managing swelling and pain.

The Business Model

Anatomech’s business model revolves around creating wearable solutions that bridge the gap between medical therapy and daily life. The company’s brand, KUE, offers two primary products:

  1. Graduated Compression Socks: Launched in August 2023, these socks gently push blood flow up the leg, preventing leg edema. Tested for 18-21 mmHg medical-grade compression, they provide comfort and support for those with circulation issues.
  2. Lymphedema Compression Sleeve: Currently under development, this patent-pending sleeve will be ready for patient validation studies by late 2022. Anatomech’s technology reduces the size and weight of the compression wearable by 85 percent, allowing users to maintain a healthy lymphatic system without compromising their daily activities.

Funding and Support

Anatomech secured its pre-seed funding from Riidl – Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratory, Mumbai, along with grant support from Venture Center, Pune, and NSRCel, IIM Bangalore. This financial backing has fueled Anatomech’s mission to transform healthcare through wearable innovations.

In summary, Anatomech’s founder, Divyakshi Kaushik, has pioneered wearable solutions that empower patients, enhance mobility, and redefine recovery. With a commitment to blending technology and compassion, Anatomech is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of healthcare.

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