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Company Incorporation

Registration of Proprietorship, Pvt Ltd Company, LLP, OPC in genuine rate

Budgeting & Organizational Services

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting, Organizational Hierarchy designing

GST, Accounting – Book Keeping Outsourcing & Internal Auditing

GST registration and Monthly returns, Warehouse internal auditing, Accounting outsourcing and Book keeping servies

B2B Business Advisory

Franchise Consultancy to grow your Business

Digital Marketing

Website designing, Social Media promotions, Social Media page handling, and Influencer Marketing

Business Software

Restaurant POS, Retail Billing, warehouse management software, barcode software


We basically provide all the services that the Statutory Auditor appointed under the companies Act 2013, can’t perform for your company.

Section 144 of the companies act 2013, forbids the statutory auditor to perform certain activities, the details of which are mentioned below :

An auditor appointed under this Act shall provide to the company only such other services as are approved by the Board of Directors or the audit committee, as the case may be, but which shall not include any of the following services (whether such services are rendered directly or indirectly to the company or its holding company or subsidiary company, namely:—

(a) accounting and book keeping services; – (We Provide this service)

(b) internal audit; – (We Provide this service)

(c) design and implementation of any financial information system; – (We Provide this service)

(d) actuarial services; – (Coming Soon)

(e) investment advisory services; – (Provided by WynSwell India Investment Services)

(f) investment banking services; – (Provided by WynSwell India Investment Services)

(g) rendering of outsourced financial services; – (We Provide the service)

(h) management services; and – (We Provide the service)

(i) any other kind of services as may be prescribed:

Provided that an auditor or audit firm who or which has been performing any non-audit services on or before the commencement of this Act shall comply with the provisions of this section before the closure of the first financial year after the date of such commencement.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this sub-section, the term “directly or indirectly” shall include rendering of services by the auditor,—

(i) in case of auditor being an individual, either himself or through his relative or any other person connected or associated with such individual or through any other entity, whatsoever, in which such individual has significant influence or control, or whose name or trade mark or brand is used by such individual;

(ii) in case of auditor being a firm, either itself or through any of its partners or through its parent, subsidiary or associate entity or through any other entity, whatsoever, in which the firm or any partner of the firm has significant influence or control, or whose name or trade mark or brand is used by the firm or any of its partners.