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Hey everyone, looking for the most entrepreneurial entrepreneurs of all time? We’ve got just the right person for you. Alok Appadurai is a spiritual leader, seer, speaker, social entrepreneur, and prophetic business mentor who has dedicated his life to helping other people in their own journeys to grow. He has played a huge role in helping impact-led entrepreneurs build six to eight figure companies that value people, planet and profit. He is an American based entrepreneur who helps people all around the world

His journey of building his own career while continuing to uplift others

He began working toward his goal when he was merely 19. He was on his trip to India from his college, Wesleyan University in Connecticut. There he had a major spiritual experience that forever changed his life. This was the point in his life where he decided to actually work toward making a change in the world rather than pursue money and fame. He then returned to Wesleyan and created his own major in social change.

Since then, Alok has been involved in various social and environmental causes, such as co-founding Fed By Threads, a sustainable clothing company that fed over half a million meals to Americans in need, and A Beautiful Body Project, a global media platform that celebrated women’s bodies in their natural state.

It wasn’t like he didn’t face any hardships in his life. He lost his mother to cancer, went through a divorce and his starting journey was lined with financial challenges. But he faced them all and emerged victorious, he transformed all of them into opportunities for growth and learning.

How does his company work?

Uplift Millions is a coaching company that helps impact-driven, service based entrepreneurs grow their businesses and make a positive difference in the world. The company offers various programs and events, such as masterminds, memberships, VIP days, and retreats, that aim to provide all the support and guidance their clients may need. Uplift Millions also engages in social awareness and environmental missions. It plants trees, funds microloans for women, and operates as a carbon-neutral business.


While the work he does cannot be measured in money. His company is growing at a very fast pace. And his estimated net worth can be calculated around $30 million.


Alok Appadurai is a social genius when it comes to communication. He has his own website and blogs to share his messages with the world. He is also an avid public speaker who addresses audiences, teams and organisations on topics of leadership, impact, and uplifting humanity.

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