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Chaai Seth, established by Arpit Raj, has rapidly become one of India’s most cherished tea and fast food franchises. Since its inception in 2019, the brand has captivated tea enthusiasts nationwide, growing from a humble startup to an expansive franchise model. Chaai Seth not only serves high-quality tea but also fosters a sense of community, making it a beloved name in the industry.

The Beginning of Chaai Seth

Arpit Raj, known as Arpit Chaai Seth, launched Chaai Seth in 2019 while studying in Shillong. Motivated by the lack of clean, enjoyable tea spots and the communal culture of tea drinking, Arpit envisioned a superior tea experience. The name “Chaai Seth,” translating to “Tea Boss,” aptly represents the brand’s goal to become the preferred choice for tea lovers across India.

Franchise Models

Chaai Seth offers several franchise models, each tailored to different business needs and investment capacities, making it a versatile chai franchise in India:

  1. Quick Model: Ideal for small setups with an investment of around INR 4.5 lakhs.
  2. Takeaway Model: Requires approximately INR 7 lakhs, suitable for moderate investments.
  3. Cafe Model: A comprehensive setup needing about INR 12 lakhs.
  4. Premium Model: The most extensive model, with an investment of around INR 17 lakhs.

These models provide flexibility and scalability, allowing franchisees to choose according to their budget and business goals.

Why People Love Chaai Seth

The success of Chaai Seth, a leading tea franchise in India, can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Quality and Variety: Offering a wide range of tea varieties and fast food options, Chaai Seth caters to diverse tastes. From traditional masala chai to exotic flavors, the menu has something for everyone.
  2. Ambiance and Experience: Designed to offer a cozy, welcoming environment, Chaai Seth cafes are perfect for relaxation, work, or socialization. The use of traditional clay cups (kulhars) adds an authentic touch.
  3. Community and Culture: Promoting a sense of community, Chaai Seth creates spaces where people from different backgrounds can connect over a cup of tea.
  4. Innovative Marketing: Effective marketing strategies, including free tea on opening days and engaging social media campaigns, have helped build a loyal customer base.

Impact of Chaai Seth Franchise

As a prominent chai franchise in India, Chaai Seth’s franchise model has significantly impacted both the economy and society:

  1. Employment Opportunities: The franchise creates job opportunities for semi-literate and illiterate individuals, helping to address unemployment issues. Each outlet employs several staff members, contributing to local employment.
  2. Supporting Local Artisans: By sourcing clay cups from local artisans in Uttar Pradesh, Chaai Seth supports traditional craftsmanship and provides a stable income for these artisans.
  3. Rapid Expansion: With over 50 franchises already established, Chaai Seth aims to reach each and every corner of india. Chaai seth team is very choosy in terms of franchising and the location.


Chaai Seth’s journey from a small startup to a rapidly growing franchise is a testament to its innovative approach, quality offerings, and strong community focus. As a leading tea franchise in India, Chaai Seth continues to brew success across the nation, one cup at a time. With a clear vision and robust franchise models, Chaai Seth aims to maintain its core values while expanding its reach, making it a beloved name in the Indian tea and fast food industry.

For those looking to invest in a fast food franchise or chai franchise in India, Chaai Seth offers a promising opportunity to be part of a thriving and impactful brand.

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