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Wynswell- Top 10 Startups of Singapore in 2024

Singapore’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with creative ideas and lively startup firms making an impact across a wide range of industries. Singapore, as one of Asia’s top business hubs, embodies entrepreneurship and has been successful in providing fertile ground for startups to grow.

So, whether you’re a budding company founder or an established entrepreneur looking for new opportunities, this list seeks to give an overview of Singapore’s thriving startup scene. It’s important about cultivating market relationships and synergies, especially in the ever-changing startup ecosystem.

top startups of singapore

1. TurtleTree

Industry: Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, Food Processing

Founders: Fengru Lin, Max Rye

Founded In: 2019

Funding: Series A, $39.4 Million 


is a Singapore-based biotech company interested in sustainable dairy and
minimizing the negative effects of cow rearing. The business plans to launch
its LF+ product in 2023, which will be the first to use precision fermentation
technology to create lactoferrin sustainably. This protein (produced from milk)
has the ability to significantly improve the nutritional value of both
plant-based and animal-based diets. 

TurtleTree is distinguished by its dedication to animal welfare and
the development of a fermentation technique that allows animals to live freely
and without abuse. Looking ahead, TurtleTree is trying to produce cell-based
milk and expand its position as a pioneer in the space.



2. Qosmosys

  • Industry: Aerospace,
    Air Transportation
  • Founders: Francois
  • Founded
  • Funding: Seed, $100
  • Investors
     Orient G


Qosmosys, founded in 2020, is an ambitious private
corporation headquartered in Singapore with affiliates in Houston and Toulouse;
they are actively trying to promote space exploration for the sake of humanity.
This mission is propelled by its flagship spacecraft, ZeusX, a significant
milestone in Qosmosys’ ambition to create lunar infrastructure through novel
robotic extensions. The company sees commercialization of lunar resources as a
worldwide duty that connects nations.


The ZeusX spacecraft and robotic solutions are fundamental to
Qosmosys’ business strategy, with a particular emphasis on resources like as
Helium-3. The ZeusX design strategy reduces risk while improving safety and
dependability, allowing Qosmosys to maintain its position as a pioneer in lunar
lander technology.




3. Neso Brands

  • Industry: Ecommerce, Consumer Eyewear
  • Founders: Bjorn
    Bergstrom, Peyush Bansal
  • Founded
  • Funding: Undisclosed,
    $100 Million
  • Investors
    SoftBank, Alpha Wave Global, Temasek Holdings


Neso companies, a Singapore-based firm, is a pioneer in
eyewear technology, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, sensors,
augmented reality, and eye tracking to design the future of eyewear companies.
Neso Brands is devoted to developing an innovative portfolio of eyewear brands
by using the Lenskart Group’s broad ecosystem and investor network.


New technologies are at the heart of Neso Brands’ aim to
reshape the eyeglasses market. As it strives to establish the next generation
of eyewear businesses, these innovations are being incorporated into its
products. The main objective is to employ these new technologies to
fundamentally alter this sector.


4. Iskra

  • Industry: BlockchainGamingVirtual RealityWeb3
  • Founders: Eugene Lee
  • Founded
  • Funding: Venture,
    $74.5 Million
  • Investors
     Laboon, Krust Universe, Kakao Ventures


Iskra is a Web3 gaming community platform in Singapore that
uses a novel blockchain-based method to reward gamers and developers depending
on their community activity. The platform wants to pioneer Web3 gaming and
usher in a new era of blockchain entertainment. Iskra brings individuals and
organizations together to celebrate each other’s wins and achievements since
they all have a vested interest in its success.


The seamless integration of blockchain lies at the heart of
Iskra’s platform architecture, guaranteeing that all players, regardless of
their gaming tastes, have a pleasant experience. The platform enables
developers to use blockchain technology and compensates gamers for encouraging
community growth. A daily fortunate spin, mission wall, monster collecting
game, pioneer NFTs, ISK token, and community/governance activities are also



5. Nuevocor

  • Industry: Biopharma,
    Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • Founders: Brian Burke,
    Colin Stewart, Jianming Jiang, Mark Kay, Yann Chong Tan, Yin Loon Lee
  • Founded
  • Funding: Venture,
    $35.6 Million
  • Investors
    EVX Ventures, EDBI, Seeds Capital


Nuevocor is a biotech business with roots in Singapore and
the United States. They’re focusing on cardiomyopathies, a group of cardiac
disorders that are now only treated with a heart transplant, and are paving the
way for cutting-edge therapies.


Their primary development, NVC-001, is a highly promising
genetic medication for the treatment of lamin dilated cardiomyopathy.
Nuevocor’s ground-breaking PrOSIA mechanobiology platform is critical in
creating these modern genetic medicines, which address the biomechanical
underlying cause of disorders beyond the typical purview of gene treatments.



6. XinFin

  • Industry: Blockchain,
    Smart Contracts, Trade
  • Founders: Atul
    Khekade, Peter Yeo, Ritesh Kakkad
  • Founded
  • Funding: Venture, $50
  • Investors
    LDA Capital

XinFin’s XDC Network is a decentralized smart contracts
platform that aims to reduce transaction processing time to a stunning 2000 per
second with near-instant confirmation. As a greener blockchain option, it
consumes significantly less energy than other blockchains.


It is based on Hyperledger Fabric and adheres to XDPoS
consensus, making it ideal for enabling corporate applications and services. It
supports the deployment of smart contracts and the creation of decentralized
apps (dApps) by hosting a variety of developer tools and APIs.


7. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions

  • Industry: Environmental
    Consulting, Environmental Engineering
  • Founders: Bharadwaj
    Chivukula, Madhujeet Chimni, Manavjeet Chimni, Prashant Singh
  • Founded
  • Funding: Private
    Equity, $41.9 Million
  • Investors
    Bintang Capital Partners, Sysma Holdings,



Blue Planet Environmental Solutions is a science-driven firm
that develops technology-based solutions to increase sustainability and reduce
CO2 emissions. They are in the business of converting plastic trash into
electricity and reducing the environmental impact of growing plastic garbage.


They’ve started recycling e-waste, as well as extracting
minerals and reusing valuable materials from it. Their involvement in organic
waste conversion via anaerobic digestion results in local energy from local
garbage, which is another step toward improving the health of our world.



8. Jenfi

  • Industry: Analytics,
    Business Development, Financial Services, Lending
  • Founders: Jeffrey Liu,
    Justin Louie
  • Founded
  • Funding: Undisclosed,
    $41.2 Million
  • Investors
    Headline Asia, Atlas Ventures, Taurus Ventures,


Jenfi is a firm that simplifies growth finance for marketing
needs with simple loan applications. Jenfi is making a name for itself in
Singapore by assisting aspiring businesses and ambitious people in funding
their next initiatives. Their user-friendly website walks potential applicants
through the application process step by step and answers frequently asked
questions to speed the process.


Jenfi prioritizes safety and security, providing users of
confidentiality and financial information protection throughout the application
and financing cycle. Jenfi makes growth capital more accessible by offering
customizable loan conditions that are suited to the loan amount and client




9. Janio Asia

  • Industry: Delivery
    Service, Freight Service, Logistics
  • Founders: Afiq
    Mohamed, Junkai Ng, Nathaniel Yim, Syed Ali Ridha Madihid
  • Founded
  • Funding: Series B,
    $30 Million
  • Investors
    Vertex Growth Fund, Choco Up


Janio Asia distinguishes out among Singapore’s many startups
by providing a variety of logistics solutions for both international and
domestic markets. Their services include freight, fulfillment, courier, and
delivery, and they serve over 100 countries while providing end-to-end
visibility on shipments.


Janio Asia’s distinctive offering also includes PUDO, a
sustainable last-mile solution, and a white-label tracking platform to improve
customer happiness and provide real-time tracking. Janio Asia excels in
providing all-encompassing logistics solutions, from retail store replenishment
to customs clearance.


10. Electrify

  • Industry: Electrical
    Distribution, Energy Marketplace
  • Founders: Julius
  • Founded
  • Funding: Initial Coin
    Offering, $30 Million
  • Investors
    Wendell Davis, Jun Hasegawa


Electrify, an Asian electric marketplace that innovates
energy trading using a peer-to-peer (P2P) technology called Synergy, is another
notable Singapore business. Individual energy producers may use Synergy to
trade energy across metropolitan networks, making energy more inexpensive and
giving steady pay for individuals who generate it.


In an effort to de-regulate Singapore’s energy market,
Electrify also created the Electrify Marketplace, which allows consumers to
select relevant energy plans from a single platform. To accelerate expansion
and improve artificial intelligence skills, the business has even held one of
Singapore’s largest token sales.

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