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Zia Ashraf is one of the founders and COO of He along with his childhood friend Wasim Ali and Tejas Viswanath founded in 2013. is a e-commerce grocery platform in Bangladesh.

He’s earned his BBA and MBA in Marketing from North South University.

Journey to become the founder of

After finishing his studies, he joined a private bank before transitioning to the RMG industry. He worked in RMG sector for two years. Suddenly, his mother become very ill and to get better treatment for her, he took her to India. This caused him losing his job.

 One day his childhood friend Wasim Ali who is working in Silicon Valley USA Contacted him and expressed his intention to do something for his country. Their friend Tejas Viswanath also joined in their endeavor. They decided to establish an online grocery shop which will deliver grocery product to people’s doorstep. At 2013 selling grocery in an online platform was quite unthinkable in Bangladesh.

They got their first order in July of 2013 and over the years has become on of the leading e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. has 25 warehouses in major cities. It receives 10 to 12 thousand orders every day.

Naming of 

The story of naming is quite interesting. Jia Ashraf was thinking what name they can have for their platform but could not find a suitable one. One day he was going somewhere using rickshaw, the rickshaw puller requested to give him 10 taka more because the price of chaldal is on increase. Chaldal is a colloquial term used to refer grocery products in bangla. The word of the rickshaw puller resonated with him, inspiring him to choose it as the name for his startup.

Total Investment secured a substantial investment of $29 million from both national and international investors.

Inspiration and Humanitarian activities

Once popular hero of Bangla film Ashraf Uddin Ahmed Uzzal is the father Jia Ashraf. It is expected that a person from Ashraf’s background will become an actor but he has become a successful businessman. He says that his father always inspired him to find his own career of passion. To him his father not only a father but also a teacher.

Jia Ashraf, driven by his brother’s autism diagnosis, passionately works to empower disabled individuals. Furthermore, he extends his support to refugees, showcasing his dedication to humanitarian causes.

Aspiration Jia Ashraf envisions as not just an e-commerce platform, but a trailblazer setting new standards of excellence in the industry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction, he aims to revolutionize the way people shop for groceries online. By fostering a culture of integrity, efficiency, and forward-thinking, Jia strives to establish as the go-to destination for unparalleled convenience and reliability in the realm of online shopping.

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